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Highlands NC real estate is very much sought after in the North Carolina area.

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What makes Highlands so unique?

Highlands is situated in the southern section of the Appalachian mountain range that stretches through the point of western North Carolina. If you are a first-time visitor of the place, you will fall in love with the beautiful landscape of the Cashiers Plateau which lies in the forest area of the region. Our mountain neighborhoods present a selection of activities and recreations for a large array of interests. Name all the various falls, hiking tracks and golf courses that enclose the location and are offered for the adventure enthusiasts in your family or group.

If you wish to hang around indulging the sun or boating on crystal blue waters the whole day, Lake Glenville is simply minutes far from downtown Cashiers. For those that enjoy an excellent golf game and value outstanding mountain courses, those who take pleasure in country club living and all the features that these areas have to offer, the Highlands provides lots of popular clubs (including the Burlingame Country Club) and fantastic restaurants, and Gorges State Park is a absolutely superb

Highlands nc real estateHighlands NC has been a mountain reprieve for over many years letting our visitors to relax while being dealt with the most optimum features. We include a number of spas for those needing exceptional attention. Highlands’ rooms and lodging vary from historical inns and old-fashioned bed and breakfasts to luxurious hotels and cabins. There are also rental houses that are readily accessible weekly or monthly. For a superb dining experience, you may want to check out a range of different cuisines from over 20 restaurants of which 5 have been given the prestigious Wine Spectator Award of Quality.

Nature is not far off with all the hiking tracks, waterfalls and different outdoor recreations awaiting you. For those who are not the adventurous type of people, there is canoeing, horseback riding, tennis, swimming, and golf. If you are in search for a cultural involvement, Highlands has a special summertime stock theater at the 25th anniversary of Highlands Cashiers Chamber Songs shows, Highlands Playhouse, the American Museum of Cut and Engraved Glass, and other different play creations. Have fun at the public sale at Scudders or programs at different art galleries. A number of non revenue organizations have occasions all year round. Shopping in Highlands’ little town comprises distinct stores featuring antiques, clothing, art, crafts, precious jewelry, house furnishing, and a broad array of retail choices not found at your community shopping mall. Young people can appreciate programs at the Highlands Recreation Center, Highlands Nature Center, Highlands Playhouse, and the Performing Arts Center.

There are some beautiful Cashiers NC real estate for sale in the area. One such property is the Sunrise Cottage. This is a perfect home or vacation property for sale. There is also the Rock Mountain Cottage, and award winning property, and the Ridgeline estate. You will also find several other Cashiers NC real estate for sale that make for the ideal home

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Moving in to Highlands


The beautiful village of Highlands welcomes new dwellers and people that may have recently purchased the available mountain real estate for sale. You are welcome and encouraged to sample some of the numerous social and cultural occasions in the township. Highlands and its bordering mountains and valleys provide a vast selection of luxury mountain homes for sale to help you delight in the charisma of this extraordinarily beautiful mountain area. Whether you are in quest of a financial investment or a reprieve from the commotion of the city life, Highlands offers you all. If you wish to know more about the town, a great place to start is the Town Hall which can be found at the 210 North Fourth Road. The Town Office can offer more thorough details regarding the Town’s amenities, its administration, its land use laws, and the other services it provides. The Board of Commerce visitor’s Center can supply different data about the town such as a calendar of occasions for the year and details on the town’s trading industry.

Town Facilities

The township’s Parks and Recreations Unit handles the Recreation Park right on the edge of 4th and Chestnut Streets as well as the Ball Park at the bend of 4th and Hickory. The Recreation Park consists of picnic areas, tennis courts, rambling tracks, a Civic Center containing basketball courts, gym, and numerous conference room, and playing fields.


Highlands is regulated by a Mayor and Board of Commissioners. Both meet on the first and third Wednesday every month at the Meeting room where all meetings are exposed to the town people. The conference schedule is placed at the Town Office lobby.

Land Use Regulations

The village of Highlands applies a Unified Development Ordinance, which manages the delay and size of the town’s buildings. So if you have plans in adding or remodeling your property, you should consult to this ordinance first. Although occupations at home are allowed in some places, commercial activities are strictly not allowed in residential communities. Building of any type needs a Zoning Certificate and a construction permit from the division of Macon County Examination. Open burning is likewise controlled.

Most part of the community is in a water supply watershed wherein excess water from your property will directly return to the Town’s water tank. The quantity of land that can be covered with invulnerable services is also controlled in some part of the town. A natural buffer is required to preserve Highlands’ lakes and brooks. Land disturbing actions are managed to avoid the corrosion of soil and secondary sedimentation which has already triggered serious issues in the town’s water formations.


Highlands supplies services for water, electricity, sewer, and garbage where new inhabitants are needed to sign the agreement for utility services. The requirement for a new account is to present either a certification from your prior utility company or pay a 3-month deposit of the utility service.

Trash is collected two times a week in the neighborhood. All trashes must be in thick plastic or metallic receptacles with firm fitting lids and handles. The Macon County convenience centers offer voluntary recycling which is outside the town borders.


Why not discover the amazing mountain homes for sale in NC for a fantastic vacation getaway

For most tourists and vacation property owners, Highlands NC is a favorite summertime and fall destination. It’s very comfortable to spend summer at there due to the cooler temperature levels of the mountains when compared with the neighboring south and east lowlands. Nevertheless, what makes Highlands a perfect summertime destination are the abundant options for outdoor sports and recreations. Plus, the fun never ends even when fall shows up.

Fall is absolutely stunning in the Highlands region, particularly for those who dwell in the south where seasons are barely noticeable. It can be rainy at times in Highlands NC and regardless of its location being at the South, the place is relatively cold. September is a perfect idea to go to Highlands if you prefer to stay away from the massive number of travelers yet still have a great chance at a cozy weather for outdoor recreations. Highlands offers a wide range of selection for accommodations that there is no room for scarcity of preferences.

Your choices will probably depend on the type of vacation you are looking for in Highlands. There are several benefits if you desire to remain in the township or stay away from the merriment of the crowd and nearer to the beautiful mountains instead. Staying away from town won’t restrict you from driving around town and at the same time still taking pleasure in the peaceful and picturesque scenery from the mountain top.

A perfect escapade is further defined by a peaceful and relaxing accommodation with extraordinary scenery and perhaps a deck or veranda for private leisure time. You can find several great dining places in Highlands NC that offers delicious and superb cuisines. This is a great way to relax yourself from the day’s activity whether you had trail hiking, golfing, white water rafting, etc.  A lovely night setup can be an essential factor to consider.

Planning an ideal family getaway requires several deliberations of the accessible amenities at your location to make certain that your children can remain on the go and entertained. Among the things that are essential to consider is a pool for the summer season and a roomy area bordering the hotel or summer vacation house that permits your children to play around. Even when a household’s day-to-day activities are well prepared and extremely hectic, such attributes can be most needed especially when the parents wish to unwind. For those children who remain inside during a rainy day, a game room is very helpful.

There are swimming pools, tennis courts, and gyms accessible to visitors together with a big outdoor Jacuzzi. There are also special accommodations offered to visitors who are traveling along with their domestic pets. Personal cabins with hot tubs and fine-looking porches are available which have been designed with high standards.

Highlands NC Real Estate: Area Information

The beautiful township of Highlands sits on the southernmost plateau of the Appalachian Mountain chain. Soaring in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC and with its rich history going back prior to its incorporation in 1879, it’s an excellent place to invest some of your getaway. Legend has it that Samuel Kelsey and Clinton Hutchinson, creators of several Western frontier towns, marked a single line on a map from New York to New Orleans and then an additional from Chicago to Savannah. They felt that the point of crossway which is now Highlands would be the ideal spot to develop a thriving town. Lots of affluent families from southern cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and New Orleans would remain in the Highlands NC Real Estate during the summer season to stay clear of the sweltering summer season temperatures at home. Quickly, Highlands started to attract visitors and summertime citizens from around the country and abroad.

Within the 1920s, the advancement of Highlands Nation Club brought a gorgeous golf course to the location and more enhanced the town’s credibility. Bobby Jones, the excellent golfing legend, possessed a summertime house near the club. The cool summer season temperature levels attract numerous golfers today. The personal golf clubs include Highlands Falls Nation Club, Cullasaja Club, Highlands Nation Club, and the Wildcat Cliffs Nation Club.

Highlands NC Location

Highlands NC is simply a two and half hour drive from Atlanta and within a one and a half days drive from South Florida. The Asheville flight terminal and the Greenville/Spartanburg airport are within a one and a half hour drive from the Highlands. The Atlanta International Flight terminal is about 3 hours.

Highlands NC Climate

Highlands Real Estate offers a pretty climate with its average elevation of 4,118m above the ground. The warm days and cool nights of summertime attract site visitors and summer inhabitants from sunny southern urban area to our comfortable Highlands Real Estate. During autumn, the mountains neighboring Highlands are fiercely tinted with red and gold maples. On the other hand, spring period are rich with vibrant azaleas, pink and white dogwoods, mountain laurels and rhododendrons. Highlands have some snow during winter time but most days are mild and appropriate for outdoor activities.

Highlands NC Today

At present, Highlands is understood for its spectacular golf links, comfortable cabin rentals, fine dress shops, amazingly abundant summer season house neighborhoods, superb dining establishments, historically renovated inns, and the natural beauty of the nearby National Park.

Highlands NC Activities

The lovely mountains offer a backdrop for all kinds of outside fun and activities. A system of well-kept trails for hikers of every capability, mountain biking, rafting on the neighboring Ocoee, Nantahala and Chattooga Rivers, kayaking, and fly-fishing are preferred tasks. Site visitors come to witness lots of waterfalls such as Dry Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Bust Your Butt falls, Glen Falls, and the incredible Cullasaja Falls. Site visitors of any ages appreciate gem mining, outdoor camping, and exploring about the native plants and birds from the Nature Center right at the Highlands Biological Center.

Highlands NC Culture

Highlands is a place with rich legends of the Scottish tribes that first inhabited right here centuries back. The bag pipers can be heard on particular occasions including the Christmas Parade. Woodcarving, weaving, ceramic, and quilting are amongst the crafts that are readily obtainable by neighborhood artisans in the town shops. There are numerous tasks to take pleasure such as night auctions at Scudder’s Galleries, superior dining at lots of restaurants, the Chamber Music Celebration, plays at the Highlands Playhouse, art programs at the Bascom-Louise Gallery and other galleries, garden trips and home trips, annual craft show, and other numerous special occasions like the annual Olde Mountain Christmas Parade.

Highlands NC: A Quick View from the Past

We live in the centre of the Blue Ridge Mountain region of North Carolina. Here, we have some high quality luxury mountain real estate for sale. We encourage you, that if you are looking to move to a wonderful home in the mountains, then take a look at what we have to offer.

Since 1875, the town of Highlands has been protected by its surrounding National park and curvy roadways for access. Samuel Hutchinson and Clinton Kelsey made a history when they took a map in hand and drew a line from New York to New Orleans and from Chicago to Savannah. The two developers thought that the area where these 2 lines interconnected would be a center of business and a grand population center in the southeast. The concept of transporting products up and down the tallest mountains in the eastern United States to get them from New York to New Orleans never set forth. However, a landscape that held up common commerce in the 19th century distinctively qualified Highlands for the trading company it’s been in since then.

Surrounded by the Nantahala National Park, Highlands NC sits at the southern part of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range with an altitude of 4,118 feet. With its valuable history, magnificent environment, good climate, and privileged means of life, Highlands has been a place for stresses visitors from the south who needs a getaway for the summer season heat and is a perfect choice for a summer property.

The momentous Highlands Inn was constructed in the year 1880 and is among the numerous Highlands NC buildings on the National Register of Historic locations. The 19th-century Episcopal Church close by and the olden cottage communities attest to the village’s valuable history. Some local inhabitants and fixed summertime residents fret that Highlands’ enhancing reputation will terrorize the disposition of a town with traditions which are ideal for the summer season and outdoor recreations. Nevertheless, the town’s main destinations and features too linked to the town itself to be changed by imported happenings.

Historical Society Events

Way back in 1979, a small team of Highlands NC locals started to assemble because they shared a mutual interest for the town’s history. The town was shifting quickly and historical frameworks were dying. As a result, these people created a non-profit company, the Highlands Historical Preservation Culture, Inc., which unfortunately became inactive. Yet, in 1999 it was activated again as the Highlands Historical Culture under same mission and vision it was firstly created.

The organization welcomes site visitors to witness see old pictures of the town’s great history. You might even acknowledge a couple of buildings on Main Street from the pictures. It’s a great deal to enjoy and continue learning new things about Highlands NC.

Historical Village

Travel back to the olden times at the Highlands Historical Society’s Historic Town. This place portrays the legend of Old Highlands as it is made up of three distinctive and fascinating buildings, each with its own myths.

The House-Trapier-Wright Home is the oldest property in Highlands NC. Known as “The Prince House,” it was first created in the year 1877 by Millright Arthur House and today acts as a living history museum.

The Highlands Historical Museum was firstly built in 1915 to accommodate “The Hudson Library” which is one of the first libraries in the state of NC. It was relocated in 2002 and is currently a state-of-the-art museum and library.

The Bug Hillside Home was one of 60 open-air compartments developed in 1908 for patients struggling with Tuberculosis (TB), one of the most feared diseases in early 20th century America. This hut memorializes the dedicated work of Dr. Mary Lapham whose TB Sanatorium was among the first in North Carolina and helped save lots of Highlander’s from this virulent illness.